Kombra Media Network

kombranetwork Kombra Media Network (KMN) was established on 13th March 2015 after training sessions conducted by FOCUS 1000 on Scaling-Up Nutrition and Immunization (GAVI). Our key objective is to report on issues related to heath like nutrition, immunization and other health-related issues as well as sensitize the public for positive behaviour and social change.

The Network is made up of fifteen (15) journalists from different media houses (Print and Electronic Media). Among these active members, an interim executive was formed to coordinate the activities of the Network.
KMN has held seven meetings since its establishment during which members discussed the drafting of byelaws, rules and regulations for the network.

Objectives of Komba Media Network

  • To sensitize the public on issues related to health through the electronics and Print Media.
  • To effectively disseminate the activities and programs of government, NGO and other partners in the health and sanitation sectors
  • Ensure that the public is adequately informed about the mandate, role and functions of government, health NGOs and partners.
  • Make certain that public health practice and research, water, hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, health system strengthening get visibility in the local and international media.
  • Undertake advocacy and development on water, hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and other health issues, to the public on their importance.
  • Advocate for resource mobilization in support of these issues
  • Disseminate user-friendly data on the above-mentioned topics/issues

Vision Statement

  • We envision a Country wherein all Sierra Leoneans, even in the most remote areas, have access to information on issues related to health. The Network will mount incessant campaigns/monitoring mechanisms to ensure that people change their attitude on health issues.

Mission Statement

  • To build and maintain healthier lives through writing and reporting on health issues