Intergenerational approach offers better pathway for Sierra Leoneans crisis recovery

IMG 0595

Photo by Sallieu Sesay FOCUS 1000- Teen and her grandmother in Koinadugu District

Once again, Sierra Leoneans mourn mass deaths of what is estimated to be 1000 deaths due to mudslides that happened slightly about two weeks ago. Coming shortly after the Ebola Virus Disease epidemic that hit the country along with Guinnea and Liberia in 2014 and affected over 14, 000 by January 2016, what lessons can the country draw from her Ebola crisis recovery efforts?

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Eat What You Grow - tackling food taboos in Sierra Leone

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Women at Senekedu in Koinadugu District taking part in the Eat What You Grow project

On Friday 4th August, 2017 vegetable farmers and women from the Mothers Support Group converged at the Senekedugu Community Health Centre in Kabala Koinadugu District Northern Sierra Leone to witness a cooking demonstration under the Eat What You Project.

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Parliamentarians Commit to fast track Code on Breast milk Substitutes

(Friday 14 July, 2017) A group of Parliamentarians supported by representatives from national and international Agencies, have formed a 9man committee to accelerate the pace towards the introduction of a national Code to regulate the sale of breastmilk substitutes across the nation. They also pledged to educate their constituencies on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding to the child, mother and the family. These announcements came at the end of the 2-day dialogue on the status of child nutrition and the challenges posed to the life time mental and physical development of the country’s future – its children.


                                                                                                                                                    Credit Photo: FOCUS 1000

Parliamentarians, Government and NGO officials at workshop on Protecting Breastfeeding Practices in Sierra Leone.

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