PHUs staff acquire knowledge, skills and tools to map out diseases affecting women, children and families

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The Ministry of Health and Sanitation and its partners on 6th July, 2017 officially launched the Digital Data Pilot Program in Bombali district and trained up to 60 health workers on the use of the new data collection tool. This new technology would enble health workers to collect and generate quality data on health care service delivery from Peripheral Health Units (PHUs), to the District Health Management Team and later to the central level electronically. This process would enable the  Govenment through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to better plan and  provide support to the districts for improved health care service delivery for mothers and babies in Sierra Leone.

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FOCUS 1000 and SUNI CSP participates in Tangians Festival December 2016

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Tangains Festival 2nd December 2016 to 2nd January 2017, Freetown

FOCUS 1000, the Scaling up Nutrition and Immunization Civil Society Platform (SUNI CSP) and networks that is; Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers, Christian Action Group, Islamic Action Group , Market Women and Kombra Media Network have completed sensitization and education activities on health and nutrition at the Tangians festival in Freetown.

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Learning Route in Rwanda 2016 opens with an Experience Fair

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Sunday 30th November Umubano Hotel, Kigali

The first day of the Learning Route in Rwanda for civil society alliances kicked off with an Experience Fair at Umubano Hotel in Kigali. Planned as a preparation session for this 6-day learning exchange program, the fair highlighted objectives and mapped out expected outcomes from this event.

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Sun Csn Cecilia Ruberto ‎to Civil Society Network - Learning Route

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The quote of today is from Sanusie Fofanah (Sierra Leone CSA): “#Advocacy is the hub for policy making. Advocacy serves as a catalyst for policy implementations and policies are the agents that facilitate the implementation of what we have in our constitutions. If the #RighttoFood for example is factored in our national constitution, policies will be put in place that the Civil Society will use as a working tool in ensuring that the RtF is implemented to the fullest.” Ramatu Jalloh FOCUS 1000 #ScalingupNutrition #Learning_Route