Kombra Network

Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world with 1,165 deaths per 100000 live births (DHS, 2013). Healthcare services are overstretched with 1 health worker to 5,319 people (WHO, 2010) – underscoring the rickety nature of the health system. The country ranks last or near it – in many measures of well-being among more than 160 countries monitored by the World Bank and World Health Organisation. Most of the key aspects of disease prevention and control in the health system are non-existent leaving the whole population vulnerable to any disease outbreak. The sector is grossly underfunded, poorly equipped and beset with many structural problems - low remunerations for healthcare workers, technically under-resourced with medical-experts to deal with severe health emergencies such as disease outbreaks.

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Saving Lives: Kombra Network in Falaba and Koinadugu Districts Mobilizing Communities Against the Spread of Measles


Kombra Network members and Community Health Officer, Sulima Chiefdom, counselling households in Yendeya Community, Falaba District 

With one child dead already we need to support the Health facility staff reach every household and community member as quickly as possible. Every child is our child and we are committed to his/her wellbeing” Peter S. Marah Chairman, Kombra Network Executive Mongo, Falaba District.

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