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Lessons Learned from the EVD Response in Sierra Leone Lessons Learned from the EVD Response in Sierra Leone HOT
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The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak was probably the biggest threat to the existence of Sierra Leone since independence. Ebola was unknown to our region, unknown to Sierra Leone, unknown to our health personnel and it a acked us with a ferocity that stunned the world. It spread fear among the ci zens; it devastated communi es, disrupted social life and stalled our economy. But we soon learned how to overcome our fears, confront the enemy and free our country from the virus. We learned and adapted as we fought on and eventually we overcame that strange virus. We achieved this victory through the bravery of our health workers, the resilience of individuals, communi es and commitment of our partners.

There are many lessons learned from this deadly epidemic; lessons that should make us wiser, stronger, and more capable of taking our des ny in our hands and delivering on behalf of our ci zens; lessons that should not just for fy us against any future outbreak but that should also enable us to tackle our development challenges with renewed zeal and confidence.


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