Published: Thursday, 28 June 2018 15:41

picture 1

Cross section of reporters during the training

World Hope International one of CHAMPS partners implementing mortality surveillance, is continuing training for Community Reporters in Bombali Shebora and Siara Chiefdoms.

These Community Reporters were identified by community stakeholders. They are charged with the responsibilities of identifying under-six death and still births, report all under-six deaths and still birth to 117/ mortality surveillance team, communicate with Community Interviewers and develop strong relationship with them on CHAMPS activities, settle any issues between the family on CHAMPS activities and also attend refreshers training to support on proper reporting.

In addition, these Community Reporters are expected to directly identify and report rumours to CHAMPS community engagement partners i.e. World Hope International and FOCUS 1000 offices in Makeni. Rumour Surveillance will further establish a forum for keeping records of misconceptions, expectations, interests, concerns, anxieties, and reactions, and identify strategies in addressing these rumours around CHAMPS site.

The World Hope International Team will further narrow down on the aims and objectives of CHAMPS projects for better understanding and feedbacks. This will enhance effective and efficient knowledge for Community Reporters on CHAMPS project goal and developing their understanding in interpreting and supporting these activities for the reduction of child morality in their communities and district as a whole.

By Bridget Lewis

FOCUS 1000 CHAMPS Communications Officer