Published: Thursday, 11 February 2016 12:06

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FOCUS 1000 has ended a 10 day focus group discussion in order to  evaluate  the impact of PCI Media radio drama ‘road to recovery’ program on Ebola prevention and control in Kenema district. The program gives information on health safety measures in containing the spread of the dreadful Ebola virus disease. The 7 man team left Freetown late January, and ended the evaluation exercise on Sunday 7th February, 2016.

In addressing the trainees before they went for the evaluation, the Chief Executive Officer of Focus 1000 Mohammad Bailor Jalloh encouraged the trainees to read further what entails in a focus group discussion. The reason for this according to the Social and Public Health Advocate, his organisation wants to see quality of evidence from their works.

 “Focus 1000 is widely known for doing quality work”, Jalloh noted.

In the field, the team divided themselves into two groups, and were able to successfully conducted nine focus group discussions and three key informant interviews in Nongowa and Derma chiefdoms.

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PCI Media impact  is a non-government organization that uses communication to change behaviours and support development of deprived communities. PCI has been supporting a one hour ‘road to recovery’ radio drama program at the Eastern Radio Kenema since the Ebola virus stroke the small West Africa country.The program features the diverse views of young people and stakeholders in the district on the Ebola recovery process.

A snip from the focus group discussion shows that most of the participants were conversant with the questions outlined to them.
They commended Focus 1000 and PCI Media Impact for getting their views on the ‘road to recovery’ program as the program has been a source of knowledge hub to them.

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Speaking on the progress of the work, the Supervisor of the team, Abubakarr Swaray who also doubles as the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer said the data collection and inputs  have been done. What left was to analyse the data. “Everything relating to the field work had been done”, Swaray emphaised.

Musa Sellu, the Field Supervisor expressed optimism that the outcome of the evaluation will be successful, because the team was well trained for the job and they were committed.

By: Mohamed Belloh Dukuray
Intern, Focus 1000

Edited by Sallieu Sesay

Web and Project Officer

Pubblised 11th Feb-2016