Published: Thursday, 11 February 2016 16:42


As Christians yesterday started the holy journey of Lent, Archbishop Most Rev. Dr Edward Tamba Charles, called for God’s divine intervention as they observe another year of lent. He called for divine attention while celebrating mid-day mass as Catholics from all walks of life converged at the Sacred Heart Cathedral at Siaka Stevens Street.

With the theme” Spare your people, o Lord”, Christians were urged to develop an understanding of the true spirit of lent, as the great acts of the liturgy during lent takes place in the parish church and that members in the family will take the diocesan and parish programme as their guide for the observance of lent, which is 40 days of fasting and prayers.

The Gospel reading was taken from Matthew 6: Verses 1-6, 16-18, which states that ‘man should beware of practising piety before his fellow man in order to be seen by them and also when you give alms, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the street, that they may be seen and praised by men’.

During his Homily, Archbishop Dr Edward Charles called on the congregation, as they observe the holy journey of lent, they should be steadfast and resist all forms of temptation and try to reconcile their hearts with God.

He said the theme “Spare your people, o Lord” is something parishioners should seriously reflect on, taking into consideration the many ills happening in society, which need God’s divine intervention.

Archbishop, Dr Charles added that Christians have a role to play to make a difference and correct the ills of society, noting that this is the time man should reconcile with one another, and speak the truth without prejudice.

The man of God prayed for those in authority to make the right decisions that will bring sanity and correct the ills of society with reference to the Safe Abortion Bill and not decisions that will divide a nation and go against God’s commandment and teachings.

As Christians received the ashes of repentance, the man of God called on them to reflect on the theme for this year’s holy journey and try to practise what God wants his people to do.
By Ade Campbell
Thursday February 11, 2016