Published: Thursday, 11 February 2016 19:03

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President Foh in the middle

As we begin the Year 2016, I would want to commend all the partners of the SUN Movement for their hard work under difficult circumstances during the Public Health Emergencyand the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

As I pointed out in my first meeting with you when I took up the Office of Vice President, Nutrition is a highly technical issue which needs the involvement and commitment of professionals with a forward thinking strategic direction that should contribute to improving lives of women and children in particular

Though as a country we are making tremendous efforts, malnutrition remains an important challenge to our development. We must place emphasis on coordinating our efforts at all levels and including the District councils.We have been told over and over that the business of nutrition is everybody’s business. We must involve the communities at sub-national level, especially during and after Ebola.

In making plans for this year, you will be considering a Mid-Term Review of the strategic directions in the Food and Nutrition Security Implementation Plan that was launched in July, 2015. Recognizing the interplay between nutrition, infection and hygiene, the Implementation plan (2013 – 2017) reflects the need for different stakeholders and Sectors to review strategies to achieve the 2017 target

I have also been told that there will be a National Health Fair in Freetown sometime in March this year to show case the work done in the areas of nutrition and immunization.I will encourage all SUN Networks should be involved in the organization since nutrition and immunization complement each other, especially for children

In all this, you will be mindful of the SUN Progress Monitoring, which the SUN Global Secretariat requires you to do every year. This is like an assessment of the work you have done; a self-assessment that is realistic, honest and fair. It will be a score-card showing what we have done and where we are in 2016. It is the collective engagement of all stakeholders in ending hunger and malnutrition that makes the SUN initiative unique. And so,I encourage all of us to sit together, plan together and chart the way forward for the benefit of even those yet unborn.

I wish you a successful meeting

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Cross section of  partners at the meeting