Published: Monday, 10 August 2015 11:07


On 9th July FOCUS 1000 was donated two vehicles from the United Nation’s Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) to support their work to eradicate Ebola and reach and sustain zero cases.

FOCUS 1000 has played a critical role in the communication and social mobilisation strategy implemented by government. They conducted a series of studies on Knowledge Attitude and Practices relating to Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone. With funding and technical support from CDC, CRS and UNICEF these four studies helped to inform emergency response, by guiding policy makers and implementing partners in developing key strategies and messages to eradicate the disease, as well as ensure that the public continue to adhere to safe hygiene and social practices.

The organisation is also a member of the Social Mobilisation Action Committee dedicated to advocacy and social mobilisation activities across the country. FOCUS 1000 has engaged Religious leaders at national, district and community levels to use verses from the Holy Quran and Bible to support key Ebola messages in their weekly sermons, and engage communities through awareness raising activities nationwide. Religious leaders also identify bottlenecks in the ongoing emergency response to help refine government strategy.


Thanks to the UNMEER donation, FOCUS 1000 will be able to continue to support Ebola response and help bring the nation back on track with regular health and development programmes.