Concerned Mothers Movement for Women’s Participation in Development, in collaboration with FOCUS 1000 has distributed food and non-food items to Fifty (50) most vulnerable Ebola Orphans and Fifty (50) Survivors in Bo District.

Friends of FOCUS 1000 (both national and international) provided Education and art materials, hygiene packs and radios to support with learning at home. These items are meant to help children practice the use of art and promote creativity, emotional and psychological healing. They will also encourage children to continue the practice of good hygiene behaviors to maintain good health.

Some of these children have lost one or both parents or guardians. For them the trauma of loss, isolation and stigma are the new battles they currently face in their young lives. The provision of these items can positively impact on the lives of children particularly as they engage the long road to recovery. FOCUS 1000 believes that these opportunities to support children at home can make a big difference in their lives.

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