Improving the Regulation, Monitoring, and Quality of the Packaged Water Industry in Sierra Leone; And Sensitizing the Consumer-base

Water Sachets

Households in Sierra Leone face a serious challenge in having access to safe drinking water. In the past few years, the packaged water industry has seen dramatic boom in production in response to consumers’ demand for safer, alternative sources of drinking water. With more than 100 packaged water businesses in the country, the Government is taking action to put in place mechanisms for the effective regulation and monitoring of the packaged water industry in order to safeguard public health, and prevent outbreak of waterborne illnesses such as cholera.

With funding from DFID and by working closely with government regulators, FOCUS 1000 and the UNC Water Institute have:

  • Assessed the baseline situation of the industry (including rigorous testing of the quality of packaged water products);
  • Clarified roles and responsibilities of regulatory entities, developed comprehensive regulations for the packaged water industry; and
  • Sensitized consumers on the safety, consumption and handling of packaged water.