About Us

We focus on the first 1000 days of life.

Foster a society where children and young people thrive by ensuring strong community participation, ownership, and sustainability of programs that enhance their quality of life and potential..


Our vision is a Sierra Leone where children and their families enjoy their right to survive, develop, and to participate in issues concerning their general wellbeing.


We advocate for and work to ensure that children and families across Sierra Leone have access to basic social services through sustainable initiatives with full community participation and ownership.

Our Commitment

In the past decade, our organization has experienced remarkable growth, drawing the support of numerous donors and international partners. Notably, in July 2022, we expanded globally with the establishment of FOCUS 1000 Global in the United States. Collaborating with UN agencies, CDC, Irish Aid, SUN Movement, Catholic Relief Services, and the Gates Foundation, we've implemented impactful projects nationwide. Recent partnerships with Africa CDC, Mastercard, GAVI, and the Global Fund signify our ongoing progress. Guided by government leadership and with unwavering support from our dedicated staff, we've bolstered healthcare systems. We've learned that trusted voices are crucial for community engagement. Our mid-2022 review highlighted compliance with our strategic plan, aligning with the national development agenda. Moving forward, we're focusing on child and youth development, environmental protection, and emergency preparedness. Emphasizing innovation, inclusivity, and health sector engagement, we're grateful for the continued support from our staff, government, and partners.

FOCUS 1000 adopts a comprehensive approach in Sierra Leone, recognizing that pregnancy spans approximately 40 weeks or 270 days, calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period. Acknowledging the variability of full-term pregnancies, ranging from 37 to 42 weeks, FOCUS 1000 emphasizes the individual nature of each woman's pregnancy experience. As an NGO, we stress the significance of consulting healthcare providers for personalized guidance, ensuring the well-being of both the mother and child during this crucial period.
Second Birthday
FOCUS 1000, as an NGO in Sierra Leone, centers its approach on the fundamental understanding that the first two years of a child's life encompass 730 crucial days. We are committed to providing unwavering support, essential resources, and targeted interventions during this vital period. Through our efforts, we aim to ensure the healthy development, well-being, and future success of every child in Sierra Leone
Under Five
FOCUS 1000, as an NGO in Sierra Leone, champions the significance of the under-five stage in every child's life. We recognize this period as a critical phase of rapid brain growth, language acquisition, and social skills formation. Through our approach, we prioritize early interventions, positive experiences, and nurturing environments. By establishing healthy habits and promoting emotional regulation, we lay the
FOCUS 1000, as an NGO in Sierra Leone, advocates passionately for the adolescent stage. We prioritize their health, education, and empowerment, believing that investing in adolescents ensures a brighter future for our society. By addressing their specific needs, we empower them to become active contributors, fostering a more equitable and prosperous Sierra Leone. Through our advocacy efforts, we pave the way for positive change, nurturing a generation poised for success and meaningful societal impact.

Our Contribution

We work with government of sierra leone and development partners

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