Kombra Network
Our Strength

At the core of FOCUS 1000's remarkable success story lies the formidable strength of the Kombra Network, a diverse and expansive coalition of influential voices representing various segments of Sierra Leonean society. This intricate network comprises religious leaders, market women, traditional healers, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), media professionals, and dynamic youth groups. The richness of this network lies not only in its diversity but also in its extensive reach, extending its influence across every region, district, chiefdom, section, and town in Sierra Leone.

Religious Leaders
Religious leaders, esteemed figures deeply embedded in the fabric of communities, serve as pillars of moral guidance and influence.
Traditional Healers
Traditional healers, deeply respected for their knowledge of indigenous healing practices, add cultural authenticity to FOCUS 1000's programs. Their endorsement lends credibility to healthcare initiatives, bridging the gap between traditional wisdom and modern healthcare practices.
Market Women
Market women, the vibrant backbone of local economies, bring their entrepreneurial spirit and grassroots connections, ensuring that initiatives resonate deeply within the communities they serve.
Civil Society Organizations
Civil Society Organizations, the driving force of societal change, collaborate closely within the network, leveraging their collective expertise to address pressing issues and advocate for meaningful reforms.
Youth Representatives
The energetic involvement of youth groups injects fresh perspectives and youthful vigor into FOCUS 1000's initiatives, ensuring that programs resonate with the younger generation.
Media Institutions
The media, with its wide-reaching influence, plays a pivotal role in disseminating vital information and shaping public opinion. Through the Kombra Network, media professionals have become instrumental in raising awareness, dispelling myths, and promoting evidence-based practices.
Ooman Kombra, Man Kombra – we all nar Kombra

Social norms in Sierra Leone encourage fathers to distance themselves from child caring and relegate themselves to discipline and being the breadwinner. “A man who accompanies his wife to the health facility or is seen standing in line to have his child vaccinated is seen as a weakling – decribed as ‘nar wef’. Hence the Kombra Network is actively promoting Male Involvement under the slogan “Ooman Kombra, Man Kombra – we all nar Kombra’